MovementWorks Online Sessions

The outbreak of COVID-19 is having a serious impact on all of us; the way live and work, plus the ability for children and adults to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

We realise the difficulties schools and early years settings that are remaining open during this period will have, providing a curriculum for children of key workers and vulnerable children of assorted age groups and abilities. In addition, some groups that have had to suspend services have expressed concerns about their members becoming socially isolated and would like some activities delivered from familiar faces that they can do at home.

We would like to stay connected to all of you and help as much as we can through these unprecedented times and with this in mind we have scheduled some online MovementWorks sessions that we believe will be welcome and an effective response to the current circumstances.

Important information and guidelines regarding our online sessions

Please ensure that you read the following notes before joining our online sessions; we have also created some documents for you to download / view from the buttons at the bottom of this section and would request the you read both of them prior to taking part in any of our online classes

  • We use Zoom software to deliver our sessions and you are required to register prior to the class in order to receive the link to join
  • On accessing the session you will be placed in the ‘waiting room’ and when the session is ready to commence, the host will admit you to the live session; the process of registration and placing you in the ‘waiting room’ has been implemented as an extra layer of security in line with our safeguarding policy
  • Your video is turned on by default so you can interact with the Presenters and they can see you. If you do not wish to be seen on screen during the session please turn off your video in your Zoom controls as you enter the session; this will not affect you joining in or viewing the class. 
  • Your sound is muted by default as soon as you enter the Zoom session; this is to ensure that any background noise from your location will not deter from other participants enjoyment of the class.
  • You should only participate in the activities if you are healthy enough to do so. Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition or pregnant should take advice from their medical practitioner
  • A responsible adult must be in the room at all times during the sessions to ensure the health and safety of any children or vulnerable adults taking part in the classes
  • You should ensure that you and/or the child/vulnerable adult taking part in the session is in a safe space free of trip hazards and obstructions to allow you/them to move around safely while having a clear view of the screen/device you are using to access the class

The most important part though is to have FUN! 



11.30 AM


11.00 AM

Meet us on our Facebook page to join in this special session.


Developmental Dance Movement® Based Sessions (Age 2 and over)
MovementWorks Developmental Dance Movement Programme® (DDM) is innovative whole-body learning. Current research indicates that almost 90% of children of Reception age have deficits in their physical development. Findings indicate that inadequate motor skills correlate with lower academic attainment. Conversely an appropriate early intervention is likely to have a positive impact on lifelong learning potential. DDM is designed specifically for this purpose and our online sessions are choreographed to follow the programme as much as possible with the restrictions of delivering an online session.

Autism Movement Therapy® Based Sessions (Age 7 to adult)
Founded by Joanne Lara, Autism Movement Therapy® (AMT) is an established movement and music method for teaching individuals with autism. AMT offers an innovative, energetic and structured approach that stimulates the brain, aids sensory processing, develops communication and motor skills and supports behaviours associated with ASD, all while having fun! Our online sessions are carefully structured to follow the method as much as possible without the normal interactions that would take place in a physical class.

Sensory Yoga (All Ages)
We provide a combination of Yoga classes during the week to support overall physical and mental health and wellbeing. The movements practiced in Yoga are more than just stretching, they strengthen musculature and core stability, stimulate circulatory and immune systems. Coupled with breathing exercises they also calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. These classes provide a complementary approach to MovementWorks’ evidenced based dance practice. Yoga is a powerful healing tool, now scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on the brain, emotions and neuro system including enhanced sensory integration, self-awareness and regulation; these improvements are key to creating new conditions for learning.

Laughter Yoga (All ages) 
Laughter Yoga brings about all the physical and emotional benefits of “real” laughter. In particular, it may lead to elevated mood and playfulness. Sessions begin with gentle stretching and warm up exercises. Breathing exercises are used to prepare the respiratory system for laughing before and between the laughter exercises. Laughter is good physical exercise and a fun way to feel more energized, increase healthy activity and lower stress levels.

Mindful Motor Sessions (EYFS, SEN and suitable for all )
These weekly sessions with Nicole will introduce a series of fun exercises, techniques and crafts that enhance and develop fine motor skills and attention. They will also work on enhancing neurodevelopment and maturation of the primitive reflex system. This can help to move a child along in areas of specific development that they may be finding challenging, such as speech and language, dexterity, eating, toileting or certain behaviours

Rhythm and Rhyme (EYFS, SEN and suitable for all )
A playful, fun introduction to music and movement making, providing opportunities for practitioners, teachers and parents/carers to enjoy song, dance (including action songs) and instrumental exploration with their babies and pre-school children. These activities will help to foster early learning goals with particular emphasis on developing:

  • coordination and spatial awareness
  • imagination, creativity and confidence
  • literacy, numeracy and socialisation

Storytelling and Yoga (EYFS, SEN and suitable for all)
In these Yoga and Storytelling sessions, we will be exploring old and new stories through yoga postures and meditations, and end with a relaxation, to help the children feel calm. We will imagine the settings, and pretend to be characters/ objects In the stories by using our bodies to perform yoga postures. We are using stories that represent and celebrate inclusion and diversity and are sharing these sessions more widely via our Facebook Page using Facebook Live. 

We welcome your feedback and would especially like to hear which sessions you have enjoyed so that we can deliver the best programme for you.