MovementWorks Holiday Season

Our Christmas Gift to You!

A selection of our Storytelling and Yoga Sessions with Eleanor featuring a range of stories celebrating Diversity and Inclusion.

Each recording features Eleanor introducing the story with easy to follow Yoga moves and then children are invited to relax and sit down while Eleanor reads the storybooks sharing the rich illustrations. 

We are delighted to be able to share these recordings here with you courtesy of The Arts Council and National Lottery Players. 

Full details of all our scheduled Online sessions can be accessed from our dedicated MovementWorks Online page and includes the links to register/book all of our sessions.

The Jai Jais 

The Jai Jais are a series of books created as a modern way of introducing children aged 0-12 years to Hindu gods and goddesses, and Hindu Festivals. The books use clear and simple language with beautiful, contemporary imagery to capture the child’s attention and imagination.

Diwali (Part of the Festival Series)

Diwali also known as Divali or Deepali is celebrated by Hindus as the festivals of lights. This modern rendition for young children is depicted with beautiful illustrations and a simple story to engage children.


Lord Rama is the mighty warrior who teaches truth and respect. Learn about his true love Sita, his best friend Hanuman, his magical bow, and his three brothers.


Lord Ganesh is the god of wisdom, intelligence, luck, and fortune. He is the remover of obstacles, and is much loved by all. We always turn to Ganesh to help us on our way. Ganesh is the first book in the Jai Jais series. 

You can purchase The Jai Jais books and Yoga cards (used by Eleanor in the recordings) from The Jai Jais website

Hands Are Amazing

Hands are Amazing is a celebration of all the things we can do and be.

It was born as a counter to the Coronavirus times’ narrative that a child’s hands needed washing more because they are horrid or dirty, and covered in germs and ‘nasties’. With simple language and beautiful illustrations, this downloadable book is a must have for all Childcare Provisions and also for home to support children who may be feeling anxious about spreading germs and also to reinforce the handwashing regime that we all must follow to keep not just ourselves but those around us safe.

You can purchase a downloadable copy of this storybook from the EY Matters Shop for just £1

Matthew and the Magic Goat

Matthew lost his dog, Sprite, in the woods. A goat comes to the rescue and the boy suddenly has superhero powers.

You can purchase a copy of this storybook direct from Amazon and it is available as a paperback or kindle. 

Perry the Micropig

Storytelling and Yoga with a difference! In this recording, Eleanor relates her own original story of Perry the Micropig who is missing his friends. which reflects the situation that many children and young adults are experiencing at the moment due to the COVID-19 restrictions.