Further & Higher Education

MovementWorks provides undergraduate and postgraduate level lecture seminars with reference to PE research, neurophysical research and its relationship to movement and cognition and the application of Developmental Dance Movement®.

These lectures are of particular relevance to courses in Dance/Sports Science, Dance Teaching, Physical Education and Early Years Education and PGCE Courses, Careers in traditional therapies and paediatric clinical practice.

Presenting at Plymouth University

"It was very inspiring. Incorporating movement with purposeful objectives will be a great addition to my classroom"
Peter Tinaglia, Teacher

"I would like this to be incorporated into all early education school daily schedule"
Domonique Ousbazn, Assistant Teacher

"It was very interactive and informative. I can include strategies in my classroom and the theory can help you explain the benefits to parents. Id like to see this expand in the general education setting. More emphasis on movement across all grades"
Diana Segonia, Student Teacher

"I thought the training was wonderfully informative...I would love to do more of this”
Hayley Ross, Workshop Leader, Royal Ballet School.

The past few years has seen exciting developments for our further and higher education seminars with guest presentations at Greenwich - 'Dance Movement as intervention for children with ASD - new approaches and perspectives' and New York University, London 'Comparative Perspectives on Autism and Well-Being'.


Teaching at NYU

"I liked how the presentation was interactive and clearly explained"
Georgina Snell – Student, Speech and Language Pathology

"As an OT student, I would love to see more awareness and outreach for the programme. It should incorporated in all OT pediatric courses"
Promita Banik 

"I appreciated understanding the importance of movement and learning how it affects the brain from a neurological perspective"
Thomas Abercrombie, Music Therapist

Invitations to lecture overseas include contribution to a Certification Course in Autism held in Asia led by Dr. Stephen Shore with credits from Adelphi University.

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