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MovementWorks Online

1st June 2020 @ 11:00 am - 31st December 2020 @ 3:00 pm


In response to the COVID-19 crisis and the closure of childcare provisions and schools combined with the banning of group meetings, MovementWorks have put in place a programme of online physical activity sessions that are free to access.

All of our sessions are delivered via Zoom and we require all participants to register prior to the sessions in order to join in. On accessing the sessions, the participants are placed in a ‘Waiting Room’ before being admitted to the class. These arrangements have been put in place in line with our Safeguarding and Child Protection policies to ensure that only authorised and validated individuals can access.

For full details of our current schedule of sessions including days, times and links to register, please visit our dedicated webpage – MovementWorks Online Sessions.

Please see, below, brief details of the sessions currently timetabled; we are planning to expand this offering since securing funding from the Arts Council in support of this programme.

Developmental Dance Movement® Based Sessions (Age 2 and over)
MovementWorks Developmental Dance Movement Programme® (DDM) is innovative whole-body learning. Current research indicates that almost 90% of children of Reception age have deficits in their physical development. Findings indicate that inadequate motor skills correlate with lower academic attainment. Conversely an appropriate early intervention is likely to have a positive impact on lifelong learning potential. DDM is designed specifically for this purpose and our online sessions are choreographed to follow the programme as much as possible with the restrictions of delivering an online session.

Autism Movement Therapy® Based Sessions (Age 7 to adult)
Founded by Joanne Lara, Autism Movement Therapy® (AMT) is an established movement and music method for teaching individuals with autism. AMT offers an innovative, energetic and structured approach that stimulates the brain, aids sensory processing, develops communication and motor skills and supports behaviours associated with ASD, all while having fun! Our online sessions are carefully structured to follow the method as much as possible without the normal interactions that would take place in a physical class.

Sensory Yoga (All Ages), Yoga for Early Years and Early Years Dance & Yoga Sessions
We provide a combination of Yoga classes during the week to support overall physical and mental health and wellbeing. The movements practiced in Yoga are more than just stretching, they strengthen musculature and core stability, stimulate circulatory and immune systems. Coupled with breathing exercises they also calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. These classes provide a complementary approach to MovementWorks’ evidenced based dance practice. Yoga is a powerful healing tool, now scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on the brain, emotions and neuro system including enhanced sensory integration, self-awareness and regulation; these improvements are key to creating new conditions for learning.

Laughter Yoga (All ages) A #FeelGoodFriday regular feature
Laughter Yoga brings about all the physical and emotional benefits of “real” laughter. In particular, it may lead to elevated mood and playfulness. Sessions begin with gentle stretching and warm up exercises. Breathing exercises are used to prepare the respiratory system for laughing before and between the laughter exercises. Laughter is good physical exercise and a fun way to feel more energized, increase healthy activity and lower stress levels.

Mindful Motor Sessions (EYFS, SEN and suitable for all )
These weekly sessions with Nicole will introduce a series of fun exercises, techniques and crafts that enhance and develop fine motor skills and attention. They will also work on enhancing neurodevelopment and maturation of the primitive reflex system. This can help to move a child along in areas of specific development that they may be finding challenging, such as speech and language, dexterity, eating, toileting or certain behaviours

Additional Guest Sessions – #Feel Good Friday
On Friday afternoons our specially selected guest presenters bring some variation to our programme – here are some of the sessions that we have offered :

  • Storytelling and Yoga
  • Beginners introduction to Tap Dancing
  • Everybody Jive
  • Salsa For All
  • Contemporary Movement
  • Music and Movement for Two Years Olds and Under

We welcome your feedback and would especially like to hear which sessions you have enjoyed so that we can deliver the best programme for you.