DCD: Dance, Coordination and Discos!

In the last MovementWorks blog I focused on my work with PMLD students. Our language these days is full of acronyms, with which those working in particular fields are familiar and those outside of those areas often are not. Not only can this feel alienating; (PMLD, by the way, stands for Profound and Multiple Learning […]

Building The Kinesthetic Classroom: A Brief History by Mike Kuczala

The Kinesthetic Classroom: Teaching and Learning through Movement has become a resource for using movement thoughtfully and purposefully in classrooms all over the world. I am both humbled and grateful for the opportunity to help create positive change in different learning environments and contexts. Though my work is far from complete, the path to this […]

A Kinesthetic Keynote

This academic term MovementWorks began delivery of it’s Developmental Dance Movement Programme™ to Profound and Multiple Learning Disabled (PMLD) students in two specialist schools, so I was interested to read the recent article in Learning and Disability Today highlighting the significance of the senses for children with PMLD. In the article Joanna Grace explains: “Many […]

A Sprinkle Of MovementWorks Christmas Magic

I have always looked forward to Christmas. For very many years in my professional life Christmas meant pantomime. I have choreographed many a-list celebrities and numerous groups of aspiring young performers in some fantastic (and not so fantastic) professional productions around the country. These days my Christmas productions are of a different nature, but their […]

Time to Read Some Nonsense!

Some pedagogical approaches consider our teaching of formal reading at such a young age with varying degrees of disapproval. If we are able to put learning theories aside, and experience the process from one individual child’s point of view, what would we imagine trying to learn to read at age 5 was really like if […]

The value of preschool education

Educational reform is going through an inordinate amount of change recently. It seems that there is breaking news on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis regarding changes in curriculum, scheduling of school holidays and testing procedures. Many of these changes are unwelcome to teaching unions and other professionals engaged in classroom teaching or specific areas […]