A Cultural Perspective: Thoughts on Dance and Education in Singapore

In the summer of 2017 I travelled over 10,800km across the Indian Ocean from a sunny country called Singapore to embark on an exciting internship with MovementWorks. Over a 6 week period I was able to observe and shadow various sessions at different nurseries and schools led by experienced MovementWorks practitioners. I’ve have loved every […]

Guest Blog Posts

A selection of recent guest posts we’ve written for other blogs: Royal Society Of Arts – Stepping Into Neurodance Early Arts U.K Webinar Excerpt from Ask The Expert Guest Webinar for Early Arts U.K. – “Can Dance Help Children to Become School Ready?” Early Arts Guest Blog – Can Dance Help Children to Become School […]

MovementWorks Whilst School’s Out

Our mid-summer story Leading the practice at MEfA Summer Conference 2015   Many of the organisations we work with will by now have enjoyed some well-earned summer relaxation time. As August speeds ahead behind the locked school gates and closed classroom doors will be busy with activity in preparation for the next academic year. The […]

Intern In-train-ing!

MovementWorks has from the very beginning always grown organically. By this I mean nothing has been forced – we have grown free from artificiality! From the seeds of a thesis, MovementWorks has developed as an educational tool valued both for assessment purposes and as an effective intervention. In just two years the Developmental Dance Movement […]

Mid Term Summary

Most educators would agree that mid term i.e. the middle of the academic year, usually marks the time for the most growth and development potential. The settling in period of the autumn over, and the winter festivities done, yet summer seems still distant. This is the time to optimise building on firm foundations to really […]

Winter Festivals

Back in 2013 I wrote a couple of blogs about witches – yes, those of the toil and trouble kind. These writings went some way towards relieving the frustration concerning issues my (then undiagnosed) dyslexic son was having with finding a rationale for ‘alien words’ out of the context of prose. The inevitable in-school practicing […]

A Discrete Discussion

Fun Palaces Last month found me with megaphone in hand delivering the science of movement education on a public soapbox as part of the national Fun Palaces event. MfEA Presentation In addition to my appearance at Fun Palaces last month, I also presented at the annual MEfA conference. As you can see I have a […]

On My Soapbox!

Revived from the summer, ready and super excited about the new school year. I make no excuses for the concise nature of this newsletter MovementWorks has some very busy weeks ahead!Not only have we several new school projects just starting, I am delighted to personally invite you to two unique events happening on the same […]

The Hechinger Report

A great article I’d like to share by Annie Murphy Paul published on The Hechinger Report website. Is the body the next breakthrough in education tech? Researchers finding movement can help learning “Today’s educational technology often presents itself as a radical departure from the tired practices of traditional instruction. But in one way, at least, […]

End Of Year Report

As another summer term draws to a close, accustomed as we are to receiving end of year reports, MovementWorks is proud to share our own 2013-14 achievements. School Programmes We are delighted to be continuing with and expanding the In-School MovementWorks Project at Beecroft Garden Primary, working with all classes across the EYFS. “I am […]