Mid Term Summary

Most educators would agree that mid term i.e. the middle of the academic year, usually marks the time for the most growth and development potential. The settling in period of the autumn over, and the winter festivities done, yet summer seems still distant. This is the time to optimise building on firm foundations to really make a difference to progress.

The MovementWorks Developmental Dance Movement Programme is no exception in this. Now’s the time when levels of expectation are raised. Having had the benefit of establishing baseline fundamentals, sessions go even further with tasks designed to simultaneously challenge physical and conceptual development. It’s been so rewarding not only to see but to read the independent documented evidence that the children participating are not only rising to the challenge but benefiting in accelerated progress.

Feet on the Line, Mind on the Task

Two recent examples from the newly adapted Specialist School Programme:-

“I observed improvement in a child’s physical coordination and scanning skills. M*** was careful to place her feet for an activity involving visual scanning but found it tricky to maintain. I revisited the class towards the end of term. Gentle music was playing to encourage the children to do the task slowly and carefully. I watched M*** again and she was more able to do the task than when I observed her previously.”
-C.O’Brien for Bromley Vision Team

“A PMLD student interacted by picking up a bean bag from her table and throwing it on the floor (showing awareness of the beanbag and the activity.)”
-B.Mullin for Beacon Hill Specialist College

Excerpts from the full reports. Read them here

The nature of these examples illustrates more of what makes the MovementWorks Programme unique. As a model of scientific pedagogy one of the distinguishing factors is that our sessions are designed for DEVELOPMENTAL purposes and not simply ‘themed’ or divided artificially into curriculum subject areas focused on isolated learning outcomes – physical and cognitive development in ALL areas is considered as related and ongoing.

And we are pleased to be able to share that The MovementWorks Project itself is developing progressively. We are delighted to welcome Megan Scarff to the team as a trainee intern. Keep up to date with Megan’s progress by visiting our blog page .

We Interpret Ideas

As well as our continued research partnership with MEfA (Montessori Education for Autism), the adapted Specialist School Programme is being delivered in Drumbeat: a school specifically for children with ASD.

We are also especially proud to announce that: ‘Evaluation of a Developmental Dance Movement Program as OT Intervention for Children with Autism’ has been accepted for presentation at the College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference later this year.

Established and new projects continue in mainstream settings with research projects attached.

Delivering specialist knowledge and training to Early Years Practitioners and QT’S has always been part of The MovementWorks Project objective therefore we are excited to have been commissioned to deliver CPD training for Local Borough Councils and Modern Montessori International regions in the South East in May. Please contact us via email for more details if you are interested in attending our CPD training as a delegate.

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