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Revived from the summer, ready and super excited about the new school year. I make no excuses for the concise nature of this newsletter MovementWorks has some very busy weeks ahead!Not only have we several new school projects just starting, I am delighted to personally invite you to two unique events happening on the same weekend! For Early Years Professionals and those interested in Montessori pedagogy and/or special educational needs, do put Saturday 4th October in your diary when I will be speaking on the following topic at the annual Montessori Education for Autism Conference.

Action For Learning:

Preserving Physicality For Healthy Child Development

Whilst the Government continues to make distinctions between play and formal education the Montessori method is a beacon that highlights how learning is not distinct from our physical experiences. Supported with neuroscientific and educational research this presentation explores what constitutes developmental readiness, the factors that most influence optimal learning and why physicality is important. It incorporates some practical examples of kinaesthetic learning, drawing parallels with Montessori sensory activities and Movementworks developmental dance movement exercises. – not surprisingly there will be opportunity to physically experience the theory within the session! Together we shall consider what are the current barriers to innately stimulated child development for our modern society and education system and how this impacts learning and relates to current issues of poverty and special educational needs.

    • Details of the conference are below.
    • Please contact MEfA directly to book tickets.
    • If you would like to attend but finance is an issue please contact me for details of subsidised places.


4th Annual Family and Professional Conference
Saturday 4th October 2014
Mycenae House, 90, Mycenae Road, Blackheath, London SE3 7SE
Montessori: Great Communications for the 21st Century


      • 12.30 LUNCH
      • 13.30 ALI GOLDING: MEfA GRADUATE/ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE ‘Dance Workshop: Action for Learning’

For more information and to book your place please contact MEfA or call 0208 305 2202

Then, straight from the lectern I shall be getting on my soapbox again…literally!

Fun Palaces

If you’ve ever pondered how dance can be delivered scientifically, I shall be donning a white lab coat, playing disco tunes, cutting some shapes and explaining how my brain benefits. Join in, ask questions or just watch and listen atBrockwell Lido on Sunday 5th October.

Part of the Fun Palaces national event for arts, sciences and culture. If Dance Science doesn’t float your boat there’ll be plenty of other things to discover in and around the pool:a Victorian seaside, paddling a kayak, an underwater camera, you might even see a mermaid!

Click here for more information.

Looking forward to seeing some of you so do come and say hello!

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