End Of Year Report

As another summer term draws to a close, accustomed as we are to receiving end of year reports, MovementWorks is proud to share our own 2013-14 achievements.

School Programmes

We are delighted to be continuing with and expanding the In-School MovementWorks Project at Beecroft Garden Primary, working with all classes across the EYFS.

End Of Year

“I am currently working closely with a child with severe special needs & I am amazed at the impact the MovementWorks classes have had. Not just with the special needs child but with the whole class, which includes a variety of needs and children of mixed abilities. I have worked with dance and movement groups over the past 10 years but never experienced anything like this class. It is incredibly innovative and fresh; each week connects so well with the previous session, with the exercises developing gradually so that the children are able to enhance their skills. Ali has an experienced ability to cater for all children and nurture their needs incorporating this into the work! I have seen how this has impacted on all the children especially a child with special needs.” Teaching Assistant

You can read more of our testimonials here and here!

Disco Dayz®

Following the popularity of the Disco Dayz® event, MovementWorks was invited back to work with the nursery pupils of Blackheath High School. Click here to find out more about our fundraising events and book an introductory workshop for your school.


MovementWorks is delighted to announce the graduation of Trainee Associate Hilary Palmer. Hilary is currently delivering theMovementWorks DDM Programme™ in several award winning early years settings across the south west and central London.

Partnership: Diagnostic-Dynamics

MovementWorks is proud to be a partner of Diagnostic-Dynamics, a company which provides bespoke services for children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Sensory Processing Disorder, Developmental Trauma and Post – Traumatic Stress Disorder. MovementWorks was recently featured by them at The Autism Show held at London’s Excel centre. We look forward to delivering our specialist services together in the future.


…earlier this term MovementWorks was represented at the Lewisham Headteachers Curriculum Review highlighting the value and importance of ‘embodied learning’ (i.e. thinking with and through our bodies and the importance of early learning experiences of the senses).

I will be speaking on this topic publicly at the annual Montessori Education for Autism Conference in October to be held in Blackheath. More information about this event and how to book tickets will be in the September blog.

As we look all look forward to a summer filled with warm sunshine, cool breezes, refreshing water and the abundant sounds and smells of outdoor living it is worth remembering that whilst the scientific research supporting ‘embodied cognition’ gathers momentum, the philosophical understanding of this conceptually has been around for centuries.

“Nothing is in the mind that is not first in the senses.” Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) Rubenstein.,R(2004). Aristotle’s Children. Harvest Books.

Have a sensational summer! ☺

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