A Sprinkle Of MovementWorks Christmas Magic

I have always looked forward to Christmas. For very many years in my professional life Christmas meant pantomime. I have choreographed many a-list celebrities and numerous groups of aspiring young performers in some fantastic (and not so fantastic) professional productions around the country.

Beecroft Nursery Christmas Reindeers

These days my Christmas productions are of a different nature, but their appeal and sparkle shine all the more brightly and capture the true meaning of Christmas for me.

So, I’d like to share with you how I’ll be celebrating professionally this year!

In various early years and in-school settings, children on the MovementWorks programme will be celebrating their newly found spatial & self-awareness and their growing physical control. With a foundation of physical experience to draw on they will be able to interact with space in a more informed way, they will be able to move with a deepened sense of themselves and will enjoy a fun-filled Christmas celebration of this maturity that is process, rather than product, orientated.

Whilst enjoying participating in these Christmas themed movement games, those observing (teachers/parents) will be able to discern just how far the children have progressed with their co-ordination and movement integration, in just a few weeks. The games clearly demonstrate this achievement, with many of the children completing the tasks better than those observing!

One of my youngest pupils in Beecroft Nursery said my games “are amazing!” Now that really is something to celebrate!

I will also be choreographing two very special performances this year. My performers have a range of extra challenges to overcome (other than performing to an audience for the first time) such as visual impairments, Autism (ASD), Dyspraxia (DCD), Cerebal Palsy, Downs (DS) combinations of specific learning difficulties and Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD). For them (and for me) these performances will be the biggest achievement and celebration of the year.

I still love what all those years choreographing pantomime taught me, and if you want to know how a fairy keeps the magic from dropping off her wand, I’m your girl! This year I will be directing two Street Dance Crews, a whole SEN school disco dance line-up, plus a celebration dance complete with streamers, balloons and glitter drop!

The magic is definitely staying on my wand!

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