Excerpt from Ask The Expert Guest Webinar for Early Arts U.K. “Can Dance Help Children to Become School Ready?”

Watch this interview excerpt on the positive impact of the MovementWorks DDM programme as an early intervention for children with ASD

MovementWorks DDM Specialist School Programme has been successfully delivered to a wide range of students with specific needs including those with ASD, SLD and PMLD.

The MovementWorks Programme is endorsed by Diagnostic-Dynamics
'Evaluation of a Developmental Dance Movement Program as OT Intervention for Children with Autism' has been published in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy 2015

Research Studies in the Early Years Foundation Stage

MovementWorks is committed to ongoing, evidence-based research. Results from our research studies are available to view below:

'Charmaine', is a pupil recognised as having profound needs who requires one on one support. She is mostly unreceptive to communication both verbal and non-verbal. After just a few DDM sessions it was noted that she responded immediately.

“It is the one thing where there is an observed connection with the activity.” Teaching Assistant/Keyworker.

One particular observation relates to her being in an adjacent space to the group participating in the DDM activity.

“'Charmaine' came to the door and banged on it, smiling, jumping up and down excitedly, demonstrating that she wanted to join the activity happening outside. This was a significant breakthrough in her ability to communicate.”

MovementWorks advocates inclusive practice

Dancing Trees
Dancing Trees
My Turn to Dance
My Turn to Dance

Looking at the world differently
Looking at the world differently

Making Space for Everyone
Making Space for Everyone

Case Study 1 from Early Years Foundation Stage

MovementWorks is committed to ongoing, evidence-based research. Case results from our first research sample are now available to view below -

Investigating learning through developmental dance movement as a kinaesthetic tool in the Early Years Foundation Stage

After 9 weeks Raoul’s drawing diverges from an unrecognisable figure to a bold human representation.

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