Clyniece Hodge – International Intern

Clyniece Hodge

Hi!  My name is Clyniece Hodge. I am from Trinidad and Tobago and am currently pursuing an MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychology at the University of Greenwich.  As part of my degree, I am required to complete a placement as part of an academic assignment.  The University of Greenwich and MovementWorks® have been working in collaboration on a research project. This partnership turned out to be particularly beneficial for me since I was given the opportunity to do my placement with MovementWorks. This was welcome news because I have been involved in dance since the age of 4.  Dance is one of my greatest passions together with psychology and working with children.  It was exhilarating that I landed an internship that was in line with my passions and interests.  Read my blog here.

Jack Gilbert - Trainee Practitioner

Jack Gilbert

Jack is a recent BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs and Inclusion graduate with a particular interest in Autism, Movement and Technology.  Jack has been a dancer since the age of two, specialising in rock ‘n’ roll; winning the IDTA Nationwide Medalist of the year Competition in 2013. Jack has also performed in a range of different venues including the Royal Albert Hall, Disneyland Paris and Milton Keynes Theatre.

Jack has recently spent his second summer working as a group leader for an American Summer Camp in New York State for children across the autism spectrum. Jack’s experience also involves working as a play worker for the charity Autism Concern in Northamptonshire, working on activity days, youth groups and out and about sessions. Jack is currently studying for his Masters degree in Education and Technology at the Institute of Education, University College London.

Jack has already completed the AMT certification and is extremely excited to have joined the MovementWorks team as a trainee practitioner.

Graduating with Flying Colours

Megan Presents

Hilary Palmer has completed one year of MovementWorks training and is now teaching the DDM® programme in a number of schools and early years settings based in South West and Central London. Hilary has also completed her PG Cert in SEN.

Hilary Palmer PG Cert SEN

During her internship, Megan Scarff had the opportunity to support MovementWorks presentations at two professional conferences. She has successfully completed her training, and with a project focused on the topic of Inclusivity supported the MovementWorks presentation at the 2016 SEN Show. You can read her internship perspectives on the blog page

Megan’s internship was supported by The Royal Society of Arts. MovementWorks offers fixed-term internships: as research for a career change or continuing professional development (CPD). Please contact us in regards to Internships and Training Opportunities. Applications considered in the first instance, via email with a covering letter expressing interest, background and relevant experience.



Megan's internship supported by the Royal Society of Arts