There are numerous cases made for the recognition of the important part movement plays in cognitive development…the lack is rather in terms of hard evidence.

 - S.Davies.

MovementWorks exists to prove that movement matters. Our work is developed by a qualified dance movement scientist and supported by nationally recognised leading figures in education. Read About Us

We are committed to ongoing evidence-based research.

We provide inclusive dance movement Programmes that are mainstream and SEN appropriate. They are designed to accelerate learning, optimising physical development whilst integrating literacy, numeracy and enhancing communication and global understanding. Our programmes evidence outstanding results. Read our case studies or this article with testimonials to find out more about our current projects

Our practitioners are trained in Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practice.Read our Case Studies

We provide Professional Career Development Seminars for teachers, SENCo’s, Early Years Practitioners, and those currently qualifying to be educators.

We offer enjoyable informative workshops suitable for parents/carers and qualifying practitioners.

We offer specialist higher education Lecture Seminars suitable for those studying Sport, Movement, Early Years Education, Dance and/or Health Sciences. Book through your university.

Our outreach events have a community focus and promote movement awareness, active and positive lifestyle choices.

Movement Works for Early Years

Movement is vitally important to the way we develop, to the way we communicate and understand each other, and to the way we feel, think and learn. Focusing on both the recreational and learning potential that dance movement has to offer MovementWorks provides movement education and experiences of the highest quality for our children, their carers and educators and our communities.

Every child deserves to have the best possible opportunity to learn. Today’s technology driven environment and sedentary lifestyle create deficits in our childrens' development. The MovementWorks Developmental Dance Movement™ Programme is distinct: designed subject to rigorous academic research by a dance scientist specifically to enhance physical and mental development and increase the learning potential for children of all abilities.

The MovementWorks Developmental Dance Movement Programme supports learning and development across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Click here to find out more. Read the results of our dance science research project

Autism Movement Therapy® is a movement and music method which allows progression from Developmental Dance Movement suitable for children to adults (7 and above) it offers an innovative, energetic and structured approach that stimulates the brain, aids sensory processing and communication, develops motor skills and addresses behaviours associated with ASD.

Creative Director: Ali Golding MSc, PG Cert SEN, BA (Hons), FRSA More about us.

Patron: Sir Robin Bosher KBE More about us.

Senior Research Fellow: Wendy Barbara Fidler MontDip(Hons) FRSA MEWI MCMI AI DMS APIL More about us.


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